Our heavy duty uncoiler for larger rolls

Batallion No. 61 Pex Uncoiler - Fireman Unwinders

Batallion No. 61 Pex Uncoiler - Fireman Unwinders

Battalion No. 61 Pex Uncoiler

The heavy lifter of the Fireman family – the Battalion No. 61 can easily handle 1000′ rolls of 3/4″ drip tubing, as well as larger Pex tubing rolls up to 48″ maximum roll diameter, 13″ to 30″ roll inner diameter, 17 1/2″ roll height, and up to 150 lbs. maximum load weight.

SPECIFICATIONS: Battalion No.61 Pex Unwinder


6063 Aluminum Channel; zinc chromate plated steel; stainless steel; upper and lower needle roller bearings, hardened steel washers; ½” solid 6061 reinforcement bars at all center channel sections.
Neoprene lower bearing seal/friction brake (factory preset)
UHMWPE plastic [unbreakable]

Tool dimensions:

Length 56” Height 14” Width 2.75”

Weight 24 lbs. [shipping weight: 27 lbs]

Tube loading capacity:

Maximum recommended roll O.D.: 48″ [56” overall actual arm length]

Max Tube roll height: 16” [17 ½” using optional Flex post screw hole]

Minimum Tube roll I.D.: 15” [13″ using optional hole]

Maximum Tube roll I.D.: 30”

Maximum load: 150 lbs

Available partly or fully assembled – see Technical page to view assembly instructions

Loading roll onto Battalion No.61 using ‘Smart load’ side loading method.

Batallion No. 61 Pex Uncoiler - Fireman Unwinders

NOTE: the unit shown is an early 54″ long arm model; Battalion No.61 now comes with a longer 56″ arm  [see photo at top of page]

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