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Uncoilers for Pex and Drip Tubing

Light weight; Sets up in less than one minute, demounts in less than one minute; Easily transportable, compact design; Rugged, dependable construction; Made with quality and pride in the USA.

Pex Uncoilers

Pex Uncoilers


Drip Tube Dispenser

…so why use an uncoiler?

Handling rolls of coiled pex or drip polyethylene tubing can be frustratingly inefficient, often requiring two workers. The common method of pulling the material from the coil center or even from the coil outer circumference often leaves twists in the laid out tube which can easily develop into kinks.

Using the Fireman provides an excellent solution to this problem while allowing one worker to handle, set up and install the tubing alone. The tubing is dispensed from the coil exactly as it was installed at the manufacturer – straight without kink producing twists.

The labor savings obtained by the greatly improved installation efficiencies quickly add up to significant profit savings over time .

…how does it work?

Once at the job site, the bungee lock is removed and the channel legs are rotated 90 degrees into the open position, where they automatically lock. The upper channel arms are partially opened and the Tube inner guides raised.

A unique benefit of the Fireman uncoiler is the ‘Smart load’ side loading feature. This allows even a heavy roll of tubing to be handled by one installer alone without risking back injuries or strains. It’s a simple, safe and quick procedure:

The installer rolls the coil onto the upper leg of the tool, steps across to the opposite side, and lowers the coil onto the partially opened channel arms. The channel arms are then positioned into the fully open position, where they automatically lock.

The tube inner guides can then be quickly adjusted to the coil inner diameter, again automatically locking into place. EVA foam supports are placed into position under the coil on the lower channel arm to provide a net level surface. The Top bar member is placed onto the upper coil and attached to the tool with a bungee tensioner, securing the coil. The tubing can now be fed through the rotating Tube guide, and you’re ready to dispense.

The light weight of the tool (17 lbs./ 24 lbs.) and carry strap allow comfortable, stress free transport of the tool to the work site, even in hard to access areas. Mounting holes are provided for mounting to an ATV, wheel barrow, cart, or other devise, giving added versatility.

…why a Fireman uncoiler?

The Fireman is currently the best solution and best value on the market, costing far less than other uncoilers and offering much greater ease of use, versatility and value. The lightweight design makes it practical and easy to transport from truck to job location without injury or strains. It sets up and demounts faster than any other coil unwinder.

Also, many unwinders suffer from complicated designs that are comprised of an array of articulating parts, making them very susceptible to even minor damage rendering them unusable. The Fireman incorporates fewer, more robust parts, providing a rugged and dependable tool that will provide years of trouble free use.

The labor savings it provides will quickly pay for itself, allowing greater profit with less labor expense, giving an excellent return on investment over the life of the tool.

George Mora, Ranch Foreman
Parks Land & Cattle Co.
Santa Barbara, California
400 acres Avocado Ranch
management for 40 years
40,000 Avocado trees, all irrigation by micro-irrigation with drip tubing.


Since 2007, we’ve laid out over 100,000 feet of drip tubing using the Fireman, which I think is an excellent piece of equipment.

The Fireman saves time and money, but we also like that it eliminates twisting and kinking of the tubing. Before when our workers laid out the tube, they couldn’t avoid leaving twists in the tubing.

With the Fireman, just set it up and pull the tubing straight forward – the tubing lays out straight, and the installer can simply walk along the tree line.

Glen Parks and I highly recommend the Fireman to anyone installing drip irrigation tubing.

A pex tube unwinder keeps the tubing “caged” and manageable. It uncoils the tubing which takes the set out of it and makes for a flatter more professional looking installation. You will also find one man can do an installation with little problem or your installation will go significantly faster.
B. Whitehurst, Pexheat

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