Tool Accessories – Pex Uncoilers

Pex Unwinders - Fireman Uncoilers

Pex Unwinders - Fireman Uncoilers

Pex Unwinders - Fireman Uncoilers

ERB Rotation Brake – Pex Uncoilers

Strongly recommended for Pex installation – for fine control of roll dispensing, especially with heavier mass coils having greater weight and inertia.

TRGp left

TGRp - center

NEW! Tube Guide Retainer

Included with every tool – strongly recommended for use with installations with vertical upward dispensing or when firm support is required in single direction pulls – installs on tool for easy lock when needed.

Top fan left-1

NEW! Top Fan Set

Optional upper roll guide installs above the roll without contacting the tubing; for use when performing long pulls away from the tool, or to allow the use of ‘Punch & Pull’ type plastic wrapped Pex rolls – stores on tool.

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Outer Guide Support

For use with exceptionally heavy tubing, cable, wire or other dense material for support at the outer circumference when the job requires a rotating Tube guide – not required for single direction pulls.